10 Great Recipes For a Leftover Ham Bone

10 Leftover Ham Bone Recipes That You Will Love! A Variety of Recipes shared by Red Beans and EricDid you cook a ham this weekend? If you did and it had a ham bone, make sure you save it or pass it on to someone who could use it. Like me. If our family has a get together and a ham is being consumed, I always take the ham bone so I can use it in something later. The bone contains a ton of flavor that can enhance a dish so never throw it out.

My favorite recipe to use a ham bone in is my amazing homemade red beans and rice recipe.

Another great simple way to use the ham bone is to make a simple stock with it to use at a later time.

Fill a large stock pot up with about 8-10 cups of water, add the ham bone with carrots, celery, and onions and simmer until you get a nice flavorful broth. It’ll take about an hour or so. Then either use the broth or freeze it for a later date. When I freeze them, I store the stock in containers that hold about 4 cups worth, then thaw them out when I’m ready to make a soup or a stew. It’s so easy and you’ll love the flavor this homemade stock offers!

Below are some other great recipe options that feature the ham bone so you don’t waste it. Click on the photo and you’ll be taken away to that recipe and website.

How do you use the ham bone? Who gets it? Let us know in the comment section below!

A bowl of baby lima beans and hamBaby Lima Beans and Ham with Basmati Rice from Syrup and Biscuits

A bowl of ham bone soupSlow Cooker Ham Bone Soup from Dinner at the Zoo

A bowl of split pea soup with hamEasy Peasy Split Pea Soup with Ham Bone in the Crock Pot from Another Foodie Blogger

A bowl of ham bone and potato soupHam Bone and Potato Soup from Hot Eats and Cool Reads

A bowl of red beans and riceInstant Pot Ham Bone Red Beans and Rice from Deep South Dish

A bowl of ham bone soup with potatoes and cabbageHam Bone Soup with Potatoes and Cabbage from Skinnytaste

A bowl of split pea soup with hamSplit Pea Soup with Ham from Striped Spatula

A bowl of ham and lentil soupInstant Pot Ham and Lentil Soup by Meatloaf and Melodrama

A bowl of vegetable and ham bone soupVegetable Ham Bone Soup in the Crock Pot from The Everyday Mom Life

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