Thanksgiving 2020 is quickly approaching – only days away – can you believe it? If you’re still unsure of what you want to pass at the table, here are a few ideas of dishes that I have made and published here on the website.

Creole Roasted Turkey and Holy Trinity Stuffing with Da Pope and the Hot Nuns by Red Beans and EricI’ve mentioned this in the past, but my Creole Roasted Turkey and Holy Trinity Stuffing with Da Pope and the Hot Nuns placed runner up in the Taste of Home magazine’s 2015 annual Thanksgiving recipe contest. They published the recipe in the magazine along with an outstanding photo of the final product – see for yourself in the article. If you’re still looking for a unique way to cook your turkey, give this recipe a try. (the recipe: Creole Roasted Turkey and Holy Trinity Stuffing with Da Pope and the Hot Nuns)

Red Beans and Rice with Pickled Pork by Red Beans and EricA good splurge red bean recipe is my version of a New Orleans style Red Beans and Rice with Pickled Pork. What makes this recipe unique is the addition of an ingredient that seems to only be common in southern Louisiana: pickled pork. The pickled meat offers such a unique bottom end flavor that really enhances the aftertaste. If you haven’t tried it, here’s the recipe. But be warned: the pickled pork will be an ingredient you’ll always want to add to your beans after you had it once. (the recipe: New Orleans style Red Beans and Rice with Pickled Pork)

Red Beans and Rice Recipe with the Heart and Soul of New Orleans from RedBeansAndEric.comOf course, if you want to offer red beans and rice at the Thanksgiving Day table, and you don’t have pickled pork readily available, you can make a pot of the beans without it. One of my absolute favorite red bean recipes is this one here. I do make different style pots of beans and I do tinkler a lot with ingredients, but this is usually the consistent recipe. So, as the turkey slow cooks in the oven, through on some beans and let them simmer along with the bird. (the recipe: Red Beans and Rice with New Orleans Heart and Soul)

Plate of Vigo Authentic Red Beans & Rice Casserole Recipe from RedBeansAndEric.comA popular dish to bring to the table is some form of casserole, right? If you don’t want to serve traditional red beans and rice recipe, but you want something different, try this Vigo Red Beans and Rice Casserole. It’s quick, easy, and a perfect last-minute option if you find yourself needing more food to serve. Plus, this is an excellent recipe to have on hand whenever you need a quick weeknight meal. (the recipe: Vigo Red Beans and Rice Casserole )

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Creole Mac and Cheese

Creole Style Green Beans

Collard Greens

Lemon Roasted Asparagus

Creole Croutons (for your salad)

Cocktail Time!

Whether company is coming over or not, you’re gonna need a drink when this is all said and done. Here are some great specialty cocktail recipes from restaurants in New Orleans. Enjoy!

Wolf in Lambs Clothing

Casserole Cocktail

Underberg Sour

Thyme is on My Side

Garden Margarita

The Placeholder

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