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A new restaurant has opened in the Warehouse District. Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts has opened the Flamingo A-Go-Go at the corner of Magazine and St. Joseph. Flamingo A-Go-Go is a throwback to the “Rat-Pack” era—think bright lights, vibrant color, bulb lights—all striking on a visceral level. Marv Ammari, Chief Executive Officer for Creole Cuisine states that Flamingo A-Go-Go serves a healthy dose of world-class cuisine in its large dining room, but the main attraction is certainly the oversized bar and courtyard areas. “New Orleans is made for a place like this. It’s high-class and low-brow. A fabulous place to come be yourself and enjoy one of the most playful environments in New Orleans.”

The building underwent an extensive renovation to be transformed into a nostalgic, “mid-century kitsch” style restaurant and bar, audaciously linking Pop Art to the “Brat Pack.” The vibrant colors and splashy décor applied to the modern space make for enticing eye-candy and provide a marvelous go-to spot for all the best Instagram photos! Flamingo A-Go-Go is an emerging hotbed of pop culture, commissioning local artists Becky Fos and Luis Colmenares. Fos has created a 12-foot by 12-foot mural featuring flamingos in bold and unapologetic colors, evoking an instant feeling if fun. Colmenares’ bamboo sculpture was done in neon green, pink and blue and stands as a centerpiece at the entrance. The oversized courtyard also has a cabana and a water feature surrounded by plenty of space for weekend crawfish boils, outdoor movies reminiscent of old drive-ins, and provides a fun, party atmosphere. “Flamingle” with friends while playing life-sized versions of Connect 4 and Twister, or dine in a deuce-and-a-half military troop transport truck that has been transformed into a 24-top party table, offering a dining experience unlike any other. The exceptionally robust bar features 45 “pulls” featuring beers, wines, and cocktails on tap.

The opening menu features a wide variety of choices from flatbreads, small plates and shareable table-food to soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees. The flatbreads include several traditional flavors, while the selection of small plates incorporates everything from shrimp a go-go and crawfish lettuce wraps to hand-crafted fried cheese and corn fritters. Table-food, or snacks to share with friends, consists of Southern fried onion rings, nacho “mama,” queso “flamingo” dip, and fried calamari. The salads take on international flavors with a Tijuana Caesar salad, Southern fried chicken salad and Aegean tuna avocado tomato salad. A variety of burgers include cheeseburger go-go all the way, Jamaican jerk burger, and a Yucatan burger. While the sandwich selection, Acapulco Chicken, and Bushwood Country Club to name a couple, make a tongue in cheek reference to 80’s cult film Caddyshack, the Wildlife and Fisheries entrée options are more transnational and include cast iron skillet redfish, tortilla crusted Gulf fish, panéed pork chops vinaigrette, pasta Alfredo Giardiniera, and red beans and rice, on Mondays.

Flamingo A-Go-Go is located at 869 Magazine St. They will serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week: Monday through Friday, 11 am-2 am; Saturday and Sunday, 9 am – 2 am. Please visit https://flamingonola.com/ for more information.

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