Chef Darren Chabert serves up a dishIn 2008, Chabert was brought on as cook at Emeril’s Delmonico, after serving 10 years with the United States Army.

In 2010, a second deployment called him back to Baghdad with the Louisiana National Guard.

During his deployment, Chabert fed dignitaries visiting the area as chef at Palace Restaurant in the Joint Visitors Bureau in Baghdad. When ingredients were scarce, he called on family, friends and fellow cooks back home in Louisiana to send him what he needed to make Southern favorites, like muffulettas and po‘boys, for Army generals.

Chabert returned to Emeril’s Delmonico in 2011 and was quickly promoted to sous chef. When Meril opened in 2016, he joined the culinary team as executive sous chef. He served in that role up until this most recent appointment as chef de cuisine.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Chabert grew up as a “kid with his nose to the stove,” in a household where both his grandmother and great grandmother cooked primarily French food for the family. However, French cuisine wasn’t the only influence found in their kitchens. Italian and Cajun flavors played a huge role in their cooking. In Chabert’s childhood, as they incorporated the bountiful local seafood and produce.

Chabert brings his deep-rooted knowledge of Louisiana cuisine and traditions, along with his familiarity of French, Italian and Cajun cuisine, with him to the kitchen at Meril. He’ll draw on the memories of his grandmother’s cooking in the kitchen and what he learned from them, combining local ingredients and bold flavors to keep the menu fresh and exciting.

Meril is located at 424 Girod Street and is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information, news and updates on Meril, visit or find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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